Coffee House and Deli – Croxley Green

Coffee House and Deli Croxley Web design JJ Miller


The Coffee House and Deli is an independent coffee shop based in Croxley Green, Herts. They pride themselves on serving the freshest produce and award-winning coffee by Vascobelo. They wanted something that showed their target customers that they do so much more than coffee, with delicious healthy juices and snacks, freshly made sandwiches made on Artisan bread, and energy boosting smoothies. We created a website that showcased exactly what it is that makes them different, with a space for a sample menu. We also added a social media page that updates whenever their customers post a photo on Instagram (including their hashtag) which works beautifully.

Project Details

Client Coffee House and Deli
Date 2016
Skills Web Design

JJ Miller Branding Board


After visiting the Coffee House and Deli and getting a real feel for their brand, I put together a vision board so that the owners could see that my ideas were on the right track for them. The venue uses a sophisticated, muted colour palette which I wanted to mirror digitally.

Web Design

The website design was kept simple and in similar colours to the coffee shop itself. We wanted to show off that they did more than coffee – and also featured the owners as they’re an integral, ever-present part of the business.

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