There is always enough time… (even when there’s not)

There is always enough time… (even when there’s not)

I am too busy.

That’s a statement that I, and I’m sure you, mutter to myself numerous times a week.

Juggling a business, a family, a blog, friends, health, eating, sleeping, entertainment, reading and everything else that needs to be crammed into each day is tricky to say the least, and recently I’ve been questioning just how I can fit it all in.

It may sound strange then, that instead of cutting something back, I chose this exact moment to add something else. Something huge, actually, that’s going to take a lot of committment and will make me challenge myself daily. Gemma Went’s Simply Smart Business Mastermind.

Now. Taking on another big project at this stage could be considered madness; but I am 100% confident that in this case, it’s exactly the right thing to do. Because this is something that’s going to help me streamline my activity; to implement strategies to reduce time-stress; to add and modify systems that will help me cut back on my work;  to find new ways of making passive income and that will teach me to manage my time so much better than I have done.

How do I know this? Easy – I’ve watched Gemma go from somewhere I am now to huge success (with a family…and a puppy!) and excel at it, so there’s no-one better to learn from.

I’m super-excited to jump in and start the course, which is going to last for 6 months and will hopefully help me improve both my business world, and life-in-general, exponentially. If I have to rise at 6.30 instead of 7.30? I’ll do it. I will make the time. The time will find me. It’s an investment in me, in my future, in my son’s future – and what could be more important, or worth investing in than that?

I’ll be blogging some of the takeaways I’ve learned as I know I’m going to be bursting with inspiration!

Sometimes, instead of taking things away and making life worse…adding another thing can make life so much better.

Bring it on! I’m ready.