Exciting News…& 20% Discount!

Exciting News…& 20% Discount!

It’s been an exciting few weeks here. Not only has Spring truly sprung and we’re enjoying some gorgeous sunshine after the long weekend break, but we’re in the middle of some huge changes here too.

Just over a year since my business was launched, I’m proud to say we have just received some backing that is allowing us to grow. Next week, we move into new offices, and the team will be growing substantially, allowing us to take on more projects and also extend our offering…but more on that a little later.

To celebrate this rather incredible development, we’ve decided to pay it forward and offer a 20% discount to anyone contacting us about a new website design for the rest of April. There’s no obligation to go ahead, or to proceed immediately – the offer will stand for any genuine enquiries made between today and the end of the month – on any size website. We have options for everyone, whether you’re just starting put and have no online presence at all, to larger corporates who want to update their existing digital profile.

We specialise in creating beautiful, easy to use WordPress websites that help you shine online. We integrate your social media profiles (or can help establish them for you, if needed), get to know you and your business and can even help you create your online brand if you don’t have a formal branding plan in place. We want to put your personality on screen so that your website truly reflects you, your objectives and your achievements – creating something you’re truly proud of.

Putting that into perspective financially – it means that you can get a ready made website, including one year’s free hosting, for under £120. Which pretty much means that anyone, at any stage of their business, has the perfect opportunity to get online, even on the tightest of budgets! Bespoke websites are available from just £680. You can’t argue with that…can you?

We’d love to talk to you over the coming weeks, whatever stage you’re at, and whatever the scale of your project.

We can be contacted on Facebook, or via our contact form, or directly at hello@jjmiller.co.uk.

Please do share this offer with anyone you think may benefit.

Rules for Being Amazing (Words To Live By)

Rules for Being Amazing (Words To Live By)

I don’t intend to make a habit of writing blog posts with a personal angle here, but just this once, I’m going to make an exception, as I believe there’s an important message to be shared here for both life in general, and business.

This week has been rather a difficult one for me as I learned that someone very special to me is more than slightly unwell. There have been a roller-coaster of emotions…but one thing I keep coming back to.

This person is AMAZING.

And not just in a “they’re-my-friend-and-I-have-to-think-that” kind of way. I mean in an astonishingly brilliant, talented, vibrant, generous, soulful, accomplished, wise and mind-bogglingly hilarious way.

I have often been astounded by his knowledge, tenacity and wisdom and his whole attitude to life; never more so than in the last week and the way he has approached the news.

I posted this quote, by Robin Sharma, on the original version of this site but it got lost in the re-brand so I wanted to post it again. Because I truly believe that, as my friend has done, we should try to live whole-heartedly, without reservation and fear; with kindness and love as the core values of everything we do. I’ve been reminded of that this week, and it’s spurred me on to make some important and inspired (I hope!) life and business decisions.

With Bank Holiday weekend coming up, it’s a great time to relax, unwind, regroup and take a moment to think about our approach to everything we do…

…and this is a great place to start.

The Rules for Being Amazing

by Robin Sharma. 

JJ Miller Branding: Rules for being Amazing (Robin Sharma Quote)

Words we should all live by, for sure.

The Best Free Stock Photo Resources for 2016

The Best Free Stock Photo Resources for 2016

Stock photography used to be cheesy.

I mean, embarrassingly so. The thought of adding one of those terrible stock images to my site would fill me with dread a couple of years ago – but with the rise in companies and Photographers suing Bloggers and small businesses for use of their copyright (yes, this happens a lot) it’s really not worth the risk. No more popping on to Google and finding the first image that suits your content. Well, not unless you have a few hundreds (or thousands) of pounds to pay the fees later on if you get caught. So, stock images have become my (and your) friend. And luckily, there are now plenty of sites that hold stock images that really don’t suck. In fact, many of them are rather lovely.

The stock photography sites I tend to use are searchable, and contain a wide variety of images, suitable for all types of content. I’ve put together a list of the ones I use most often, and some others that can be really useful for more niche projects. So, bookmark this page, and use the list whenever you need it!

Stock Photography that makes a great impact


PS: If you’re wondering why you need images in your blog posts anyway, the stats make it clear.

stock image stats blogging


Can’t argue with that, can you?!